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Dominique Joseph

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About Dominique Joseph:

The rangy, enigmatic Dominique Joseph – known to his friends as Pélo – has built a reputation as one of the most-gifted winemakers in Saumur. A fifth-generation vigneron, Pélo knows the terroir here as well as anybody, and is the proud custodian of some 13 hectares which comprise Domaine Le Petit Saint Vincent. The domaine has been certified organic since 2011. 

Dominique/Pélo produces a range of reds, all 100% Cabernet Franc – a distinctive yet versatile grape that reigns supreme in these parts. Running a gamut of styles from gouleyant to intensely mineral (and age-worthy), the wines have recently landed in our warehouse and are available for immediate delivery. 

Delivery vs. In Bond purchases:

In Bond: Wines are sold by the unmixed case, and the price does not contain Duty or VAT. These must be paid separately, before the wine can be delivered.
In Bond includes wines available En Primeur.

Delivery: Products can be purchased for delivery and the displayed prices include Duty and VAT.

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