About Us

Stannary Wine has created one of the finest, most complete Burgundy Wine portfolios in the UK.  The acquisition in 2020 of Domaine Direct, a specialist Burgundy importer, confirmed our pre-eminence. Burgundy may be ‘the Queen of Wines’, as Molière opined. Still, our expertise also extends to other royalty – including a comprehensive range from Italy and the USA, complemented with superlative wines handpicked from all corners of the world. New wineries are added to our portfolio each year, by a team of buyers whose experience and judgement ensure that style and quality are paramount.

Stannary Wine was born from Flint Wines Ltd, a trade importer of fine wine. This thriving business supplies the needs of the UK’s finest restaurants, wine clubs and independent wine shops. Founders Jason Haynes and Sam Clarke perceived that an expanding private client market required a dedicated and passionate team, to offer advice to a younger audience with discerning and broader tastes.

Stannary’s relationship with a producer is long term; and a symbiosis. Our winemakers trust us to represent them energetically in the UK, to do justice to their wine’s excellence. And we, in return, have complete confidence in their passion to produce outstanding wine year after year, wines of distinction, both progressive and authentic.  Buying direct from the producer also ensures stock of perfect provenance, delivered directly from their cellars to ours.

For us, buying is key; it is as important as selling. If we buy well sales follow. With this philosophy, we can only buy what we believe in, wine that excites. And we must convey our enthusiasm and love of the wine to you, the client –  who, we trust, will agree with Thomas Jefferson that ‘good wine is a necessity of life’ and that ‘compromises are for relationships, not wine.’ We do not compromise, ever, with our wines. It is as simple as that.


Our Team

Jason Haynes

Director & Burgundy Buyer

Sam Clarke

Director & USA Buyer

Tom Bird

Head of Private Client Sales

Sara Guiducci

Co-Head of Private Client Sales

Will Heslop

Wine Buyer

Alice Brandon

Fine Wine Account Manager

Edward Beresford-Jones

Buying Co-ordinator & Logistics Manager