En Primeur refers to the practice of buying wine at the earliest moment it is made available by an estate. This can be up to two or three years before a wine is bottled and physically available in the UK. Buying at this stage ensures an allocation of the desired wine and guarantees perfect provenance. Though this should never be assumed, buying en primeur has historically represented a low cost of access to many wines.

Our campaigns

Our Burgundy en primeur campaigns are split between our January releases and the late releases, which usually appear in July. Typically, Burgundy becomes deliverable in the second half of the year following a January en primeur campaign. Bordeaux is sold en primeur in the late spring and becomes deliverable two years after the campaign. Please note that deliveries may be delayed until the autumn to avoid shipping wines in the hot summer months.

Our Italian new releases are offered out in April and are a range of vintages, depending on region and wine style.  The majority of our USA releases are offered out in September.

These wines are only offered ‘in bond’, i.e. exclusive of relevant VAT & duty. Orders are for immediate settlement, upon invoice.

We always require a delivery instruction for all orders of these in order to process the wines promptly on arrival in the UK. The following options are available:

– In bond storage with LCB Dinton
– Transfer to another bonded facility
– Duty paid delivery to a nominated mainland UK address