1. Stannary Wine is owned and operated by Flint Wines Limited, registered in the UK under the Company registration number: 05735365, and our registered address is 16 Stannary Street, SE11 4AA, London, hereafter called “We”.

2. Our storage services include (subject to applicable charges):

a) providing secure and insured storage of wines in a bonded facility operated by a third party. The insurance covers all risks of physical loss or damage as at the date of such loss or damage.

b) at your request, providing a condition report on one or more bottles of your wines; at your request, providing an indicative opinion on market valuations of your wines; at your request, providing advice and support regarding a potential sale of your wines;

c) at your request, delivering the wines to a nominated address;

d) at your request, storing wines you have purchased elsewhere providing that all information about the wines are being sent to us in advance of the transfer, using a form we will send you upon demand. Information required are the full description of the wine, the producer, the vintage, the case size and bottle format, and the purchase price paid for the wine (not the wine market value). All wines sent to the warehouse without filling the form will be returned to the sender at its cost.

3. Our storage year runs from 1st July to 31st June each year.

4. The current storage charge is £10.40 Ex VAT per annum and per 9 litres case.

5. Volumes of wine we agree to store above or below 9 litres are charged on a pro-rata basis.

6. A storage statement will be sent to each customer monthly and subsequently one will be sent annually with the storage invoice.

7. Payment terms are upon receipt of the invoice.

8. Storage and insurance charges will be reviewed annually.

9. We may store your wines at multiple locations.

10. We reserve the right to change the location of our storage facilities at any time.

Storing your wine
The perfect storage conditions for fine wine require stable, low temperatures, relatively high humidity, and as little light as possible. They are seldom achieved at home, save for those who invest in wine coolers such as a Eurocave, or who convert an entire room to the optimal conditions. Cellaring in a top-notch facility is an excellent option for storing wines safely and as cost effectively as possible.

However, we have gone several steps further to ensure wines are suitably stored, with the most advanced climate control equipment available. meaning that the environment can be maintained at a constant temperature of 13˚ (+/- just 1˚C). The system considers the number of cases in storage, stock turnover and the rate at which various packaging materials lose heat. Nothing is overlooked, and the premises are guarded by man and camera around the clock.

With a photography facility set up inside the warehouse, we can provide condition reports on request, including of photographs of the numbered bottles within a case, so all items can be checked when required.

And we will provide you with all the details you need to know about your wine, from individual case labels, recommended windows for drinking, market valuations and tasting notes.

It is an unbeatable facility, housing world-class wines in the best conditions possible.

You will be able to
Securely manage your reserves using a private account on our website
Comfortably store your wines in optimal conditions
Easily transfer and store wines you have purchased from other merchants
Safely access your wines, whether you’d like to visit the warehouse or have them shipped to you

And we offer
Insurance at full replacement cost

Transferring wines to a Bonded Warehouse
Many customers choose to consolidate their wines at our bonded cellar to manage everything in one place and to save on storage costs.

Let us know your wine is coming.
Please notify [email protected] and include the completed transfer excel spreadsheet. This can be requested from the Private Reserves Team or your Stannary Wine Account Manager.

Ship the wines
Once we have confirmed we’ve received your request, please instruct the sender to release the wines to the following address:

LCB Dinton
a/c Flint Wines (FLINDT)/ Your Stannary Wine Account Number
Catherine Ford Lane

The sender may require the following details of our bonded warehouse:
Warehouse Keeper no.: GBWK506829337
Excise no.: GB00004330305
The accompanying paperwork should specify the delivery is for the account “LCB Dinton Woods a/c Flint Wines (FLINDT)” and also list your Stannary Wine account number.
Please ensure your wines are carefully packaged so that they can be stored in the conditions in which they are received.

We will add it to your reserves and let you know
Once our bond receives the wine, it will be checked, verified versus the original instruction and then added to your reserves.
It typically takes 1 – 2 months, from arrival at the warehouse for it to show on your online account. If you require a faster transfer, please notify our team so we can do our best to meet your needs.
The charges will be applied to your account as follows:
Sealed original cases: no charge.
Mixed cases: £10 per case (up to 9 litres, or 12 x 75cl bottles); if the wines must be itemized and listed individually on your account, the charge is £20 per case and this includes a condition report.

If you are transferring wines duty paid from within the UK
We require proof of its previous location, whether it is coming from your home cellar or a duty paid warehouse.
We may also require a condition report depending on the wine, its value and its age.

Transferring your wines to another warehouse
If you wish to transfer your wines (either in bond or duty paid) to an account elsewhere, please follow these steps.

Tell us what you want to send
Please notify private[email protected] and include the following information:
Your account number
The list of wines from your reserves
Where the wine is going:
Another account within Dinton: free
Another LCB warehouse (e.g. LCB Tilbury): £15, up to 35 cases
An LCB warehouse in Scotland: £22, up to 35 cases
Another UK-based bonded warehouse, outside the LCB network: quoted based on volume and destination
Any LCB transfers over 35 cases are quoted separately
Any corresponding account details with the receiving warehouse

We will arrange the transfer
We will let you know when we’ve released the wines from your reserves to begin the transfer process.

Your wines will be shipped
(And the receiving warehouse should get in touch when the transfer is complete)

Arranging wines to be collected
If you have duty paid wines which need to be collected and transferred into your cellar with us, we would be delighted to help.

Let us know what to collect, and where it is
Please notify private[email protected] and include the following information:
Your account number
List of incoming wines including:
Number of units (e.g. 1 case of 6 bottles)
Value of the wine (if the total value is over £5,000, extra insurance will need to be arranged which we can provide through our transport partner)
Whether the wine is stored in secure and sturdy packaging, or whether additional packaging is required
Where the wine is to be collected from:
From a home or business address: a fee of £15 will be charged for collection of up to 10 cases
All collections over 10 cases will be quoted separately.

We will arrange the collection
We will let you know when the wines will be picked up.

We will add it to your reserves and let you know
Once our Bond receives the wine, it will be checked and verified against the original instruction, and then added to your reserves.
It typically takes up to 15 working days from arrival at the warehouse for it to show on your online account.
You will receive an email notification when the process is complete.
Please note: if the wine is in a mixed case and you’d like the wines individually listed, there is a charge of £20 per case, up to 12 x 75cl bottles.

Condition of the wines
When the wines are received at our Bond, their condition will be checked. On rare occasions, we will be in touch if there is a query (e.g. a damaged package, stained label) or an issue (e.g. case requires woodworm treatment).

Storage Conditions
– Temperature and humidity control

– 24/7 security patrols and CCTV cameras which monitor both the interior and exterior of the building

– Checks for all staff and visitors, who must be accompanied by LCB staff within the warehouse.

The warehouse is a standalone building with a secure perimeter fence. It is monitored by a digital CCTV system that is always administered by a specialist company. The warehouse is also protected with intruder and fire detection alarms.

All wines are fully insured while in storage at Bond, which is included in the cellarage rates.

Where is our Bond?
Our Bond is located near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Can I visit my wine?
We can arrange appointments on request and require two weeks’ notice to do so. However, during certain periods of particular intensity within the warehouse, visits may not be possible.

What is a bonded warehouse?
A bonded warehouse is one where goods can be stored without having paid UK duty and VAT. Those taxes need to be paid, and recorded as such with the HMRC, before the wines can move from “in bond” status to “duty paid” status, which is required prior to delivery. Wines can also be stored “duty paid” within a bonded warehouse.

What are the benefits of storing in bond?
Customers who plan to sell their wines are advised to buy in bond wherever possible. Foreign wine markets are not liable to pay UK duty and VAT, making wines sold from the UK desirable. It’s also a way to help assure a wine’s provenance. And, for customers who plan to drink their wines, storing in bond is a method of deferring some of the costs.

Cellarage rates
Competitive & secure
Whether you would like to store a few special bottles or a few hundred, we’ll ensure they’re securely stored in optimal conditions, at competitive rates.

What we offer
✔ Wines are fully insured
✔ Easy online management of your cellar
✔ Ability to request condition reports
✔ Flexibility to store wines you have purchased elsewhere

What it costs
The current storage charge is £10.40 Ex VAT per annum and per 9 litres case.
Volumes of wine we agree to store above or below 9 litres are charged on a pro-rata basis.

When will I be billed?
Our storage year runs from 1st July to 31st June each year
You will be billed annually for the next 12 months.
Upon receipt of the invoice you have 30 working days to withdraw wines from your reserves and get a refund of the storage cost for those wines.
No extra charge will apply during the year if you withdraw or receive additional wine in your reserves.

What does insurance cover?
All wines stored with our Bond are fully insured. This policy includes coverage against fire, theft, flood and accidental damage, and values are based on a replacement cost at today’s market prices.

Maturity advice
Different wines mature in different ways, so we provided recommended drinking windows based on when, and for how long, a wine might be ready to drink.
The best time to drink a wine often depends on personal tastes: do you like the fresh, youthful aromas or more development? We are always on hand to discuss how wines might evolve in the cellar.

So, the dates we provide are subjective. They are very much a matter of opinion, designed as a guideline rather that a rule. We also provide a description with our drink dates:

Leave: should be left to mature
Improving: A wine which has matured sufficiently to be drinkable, but where further development is anticipated
Ready: a mature wine, expected to provide enjoyable drinking up to the ‘to’ date

Deciding drink dates
Our buying team provides the suggested drink dates, based on tasting either barrel samples or wines after they have been bottled.

Changes to dates
We review our drink dates on an annual basis. This means that drink dates may be adjusted for wines in our customers’ own reserves.

Wines are delivered directly from our Bond using their own fleet of drivers and vans, though in some instances they may work with sub-contractors, especially in hard to reach places. We aim to deliver wines within seven working days. You can choose to have the wine delivered to your home and the wines are fully insured while in transit.

For rates and other details, please see the Delivery Charges & Policy section of our terms and conditions.