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Domaine Denis Mortet

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Côte de Nuits
Arnaud Mortet
Lutte raisonnée

About Domaine Denis Mortet:

Arnaud Mortet took over the winemaking reigns after the passing of his father Denis Mortet in 2006. The estate totals at around 16 hectares of prime land comprising of village appellations and Grand Crus. The wines have been pretty special for the past few vintages and Arnaud seems in the zone at the moment, finding the sweet spot time after time. The wines are finer, more energetic, less worked and more ethereal than they once were. The domaine is expanding, too, with new wines coming on board every year, helping to fill the massive cellars with barrels of gorgeous wine. This is one of the most thrilling domaines around and we are delighted to work with them.

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