France, Burgundy

Domaine Etienne Sauzet

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Côte de Beaune
Benoît Riffault
Certified biodynamic

About Domaine Etienne Sauzet:

This iconic estate is today run by Benoit Riffault (brother of our superb Sancerre producer Stéphane Riffault) and his wife, Emilie, daughter of Gérard Boudot, who had been making the wines since the 1970s. The estate has been fully biodynamic since 2010, and although it still has a few contracts for fruit in place, it is predominantly producing wine from its own vineyards these days. The wines spend about 12 months in barrel (a little longer for the top wines), of which about 1/3 is new (a touch more for the Grands Crus), before being racked into stainless steel for a few months of contemplation. The wines are known for their focussed expression of terroir and, over the past few vintages, have been on top form. We are delighted to be able to buy them but wish we had more to offer.

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