France, Burgundy

Domaine des Lambrays

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Côte de Nuits
Jacques Devauges
Using Organic Practices

About Domaine des Lambrays:

LVMH owned Domaine des Lambrays is an eight and a half hectare Grand Cru, Clos des Lambrays. In early 2019 Jacques Devauges moved from neighbouring Grand Cru site Clos des Tart and was appointed Winemaker at des Lambrays. Working organically (now biodynamically since the 2020 vintage), Jacques immediately sought a more parcellaire, deconstructed approach to the main wine, the virtual monopole of the Clos. Having tasted some startlingly beautiful vintages from the first quarter of the 20th century, Jacques was convinced that the secret to making a great Clos des Lambrays was bringing together all the nuance and individual character from the distinctive lieu-dits within the Clos; mini-plots that varied in height, exposition, soil make up, drainage, temperature and vine age. Here was the ultimate example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Referencing its halcyon days, Jacques divided the Clos into 12 different plots, all of which he vinified separately, allowing him to see the subtle variations that these plots could produce. And then, like an artisanal mechanic rebuilding a perfectly tuned engine, he pieced back together each crucial element to create a blend that would purr enticingly in the glass. Jacques is a talented, creative visionary, and his contributions to the domaine are truly wonderful. And the Clos itself is an orchestral masterpiece, conducted by a true maestro.

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