World Riesling Selection

World Riesling Selection

 One Month of Riesling

There is a world of Riesling beyond Germany (see our selection of German Rieslings here), with exciting, dynamic producers all over the globe creating different expressions of this wine. Some regions have been making Rieslings for generations upon generations, such as in Austria and Alsace, while others like Oregon State have come into their own more recently. 

Riesling Kaiton Kuenhof Italy



2015 Riesling Kaiton

This Riesling comes from the steep slopes of Alto Adige – the part of Italy that nestles up to Austria. Peter and Brigitte Pliger decided to make and bottle their own wine from their vineyards in the 1990 and have been crafting racy Rieslings and Sylvaners ever since. Italy is not best known for Riesling, but the nearby Austria is, and the Italians have been turning out some excellent ones in recent years! For something a little eclectic, try this with scallops and salami.

£100 per 6 in bond
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 Domaine Kientzler Geisberg Grand Cru  


2012 Riesling Geisberg Grand Cru

Domaine Kientzler

Domaine Kienztler is a serious family domaine in the Alsace region of eastern France, now in its fifth generation. Eric Kientzler is the current incumbent and he continues the tradition of making linear, vibrant, terroir-driven whites of class and longevity. The jewel in the vineyard crown is the Grand Cru vineyard of Geisberg. The 2012 brings an intense bouquet with a rich and varied aromatic scale, marked by an amazing mineral depth and overall refinement. Texture is both, ample and precise, with a unique dimension on tasting. The powerful and profound mineral intensity is coupled with a mature and precise acidity. Palate with great tension, intense brightness and purity. The overall framework conveys length, elegance and refinement.

£280 per 12 in bond
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riesling_moosburgerin_kremstal_dac_reserve_2016__2530316.png	Brundl Mayer Riesling Moosburgin Austria



2016 Riesling Ried Moosburgerin

Josef & Philipp Brundl Mayer

Father and son Josef & Philipp Brundl Mayer cultivate 18 hectares in the Kremstal Valley of Austria, mostly Grüner Vetliner, but also some excellent Riesling. Moosburgerin is the oldest but smallest (only 4 hectares) of the Gedersdorf loess terraces, south-facing at 250m, and formerly owned by the Moosburg monastery. Low-yield, this vineyard allows Philipp to produce a Riesling that is mineral and pure, with rich fruit in a very classical Austrian style.

£108 per 6 in bond
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Brooks Riesling Ara Oregon State Willamette Valley   USA

2014 Ara Riesling
Brooks Winery

The Willamette Valley in Oregon State is proving yet again that it has the chops to stand up to Old World regions when it comes to wine. Brooks Winery was founded in 1998, a newcomer in comparison to domaines like Domaine Kientzler, and has vineyards in the Eola-Amity Hills, a sub-region of the Willamette Valley characterised by higher altitudes and the ocean winds that blow through the Van Duzer Corridor. The oceanic wind coming through gives this Riesling a lovely linear stoniness that complements the juicy lemon and sweet white flower notes. 

£240 per 12 in bond
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