Tenuta Le Potazzine

This estate is owned and run by the warm and affectionate Gigliola and her two daughters Viola and Sofia (named ‘Le Potazzine’ by their grandmother). It has established itself as producing some of the purist, most elegant and ethereal Brunellos that you can find. Located in the heart of the commune of Montalcino, it comprises two vineyards - the main one totalling four hectares surrounding the winery at Le Prata where the vines are at 500 metres altitude and produce grapes of freshness and vitality. The second plot was acquired more recently and consists of twenty year old vines further south at La Torre. The grapes from here tend to be richer and fuller in style which makes for a great combination, bringing both fruit and textural complexity to the equation. It’s funny that twenty years ago everyone wanted vines in the warmer area but now, thanks to climate change, the three ladies are sitting pretty with their sought after cool plot. The wines are amongst the very best in the region, where there are now around 250 estates, having only been about a quarter of that number 20 years ago. Complex, detailed and wonderfully long and refined, these are great wines.

Winemaker: Viola Gorelli

Hectares: 5 hectares

Website: www.lepotazzine.it


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