The Roagna family has produced wine for generations. Alfredo and his son Luca now run the estate and operate in a very traditional way. Macerations and fermentations are long and in large oak casks (rather than barriques are the order of the day). The vineyards are old, and the wines are left unmanipulated to reflect the complexity of the soils and the old vine fruit. Now the renovations are complete at Pira, they have started renovating the cellars at Paglieri, is home to the famous vineyard of Pajé. 2013 is the latest release from Roagna and this year there are two new wines. Barbaresco Faset and Barolo del comune di Barolo. Faset is a historic cru, close to Asili and the Rocche di Barbaresco which produces incredibly elegant wines, and the latter is an old parcel in the centre of Barolo. Stylistically these wines are cultured and refined with an impressive energy running throughout all of them, a reflection of the ‘very alive’ state of the vineyards, which are run biodynamically. Demand for these wines en primeur is high so several cuvées never quite make it on to this list, but do enquire if you are after a specific wine.

Winemaker: Alfredo & Luca Roagna

Hectares: 8.5 hectares



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