Mauro Franchino

There is something Château Rayas-esque about this operation. Its honest, simple approach produces very classical, authentic, most pleasing wines of real quality. To get to the cellar you have to cross the ramshackle courtyard and to get to the tasting room (the dining room) you have to pass grandma in the kitchen on the way! The estate is tiny, totalling just 3 hectares, and producing just two wines, both made from Nebbiolo and some Vespolina for the Coste della Sesia. It lies in the northern part of Piedmont, about two hours drive north of Barolo to the west of Milan. Its vineyards were planted in 1967 and annual production is a mere 5000 bottles. The vineyards have very little top soil, which is composed primarily of decomposed porphyry from the alps, and this paucity is a main contributing factor to the refinement and understated character of the wines. The main wine is fermented in concrete vats and aged in big old Slavonian casks for three years, whilst the ‘second wine’ is bottled earlier and is a little lighter and more immediately accessible, with an almost claret-like structure and freshness. These are elegant, pure, classical wines that offer something very different to Barolo, despite the geographical proximity.

Winemaker: Mauro Franchino

Hectares: 3


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