Malmont, Domaine Viticole

Nicolas’s family domaine, La Cabasse, was based in Gigondas and produced good wine but it was sold a few years ago. Rather than dwelling on his loss, Nicolas bought himself some land in Séguret and set about transforming it into the impressive collection of vineyards one sees today. The slopes are steep and the ground very rocky, which perhaps explains the name of the land which has also lent its name to the domaine, Mal-Mont! It was a big undertaking to terrace the slopes and Nicolas was well advised by terrace specialist Josep Luis Perez from Priorat, where they know a thing or two about terracing. Vines have been planted with high density to encourage the roots to go deep and to keep yields low. Nicolas is a very hands on winemaker, both in the vineyard and the cuverie and his work is the polar opposite to some of the large, industrial négociants operating out of the southern Rhône. He has clearly found his calling. Stylistically the wines are wonderfully pure and punctuated with a fantastic mix of richness and minerality, courtesy of the stoniness of the land. The Blanc is made from 100% Roussanne and has wonderful aromatics and freshness. The Côtes du Rhône is 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache, whilst the Séguret is a 50/50 blend and is more powerful and structured, though very well balanced. The 2015s received great reviews in the Wine Spectator and the 2016s look even better, showing lovely purity and finesse of tannin.

Winemaker: Nicolas Haeni

Hectares: 4 hectares

Côtes du Rhône rouge
Malmont Blanc
Malmont Rosé
Malmont Rouge



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