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Leo Steen is the son of a Danish chef and hotelier so food and wine have always been part of his life. Leo’s own career started on a similar path; becoming a sommelier and overseeing the list for Copenhagen’s first one star restaurant in 1997 and then working as a sommelier in California in 1999. This background is important in considering the wines as the focus has always been on food friendly wines, achieved through the use of natural yeasts, lower alcohol and less new oak. From this premise Leo has then sought out exciting vineyards to work with, whilst seeing his role as allowing the vineyard character to come to the fore. Chenin Blanc is at the heart of the property, from the energetic, citrus character of the Saini Vineyard to the later released, richer and more textured Jurassic. Both show wonderful varietal character and show real winemaking talent.` His Chenin Blanc is a cult favorite among his fellow winemakers and adventurous restaurants in the area.` Stephen Tanzer, Vinous, May 2011

Winemaker: Leo Steen

Saini Vineyard
Jurassic Vineyard
Scala Vineyard

Website: www.leosteenwines.com


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