Elio Ottin

This is such an exciting estate, based on the border of Italy and France amongst the snow-covered mountains of the Valle d’Aosta. When visiting the estate it seems more appropriate to arrive with skis in hand rather than an empty glass and a notebook. The estate is run by the very charming and smiley Elio Ottin, who took it over from his parents in the early 1990s. Until 2007 Elio continued to sell grapes to the local cooperative, after which he decided to start making his own wines. By 2009 Elio had already won multiple awards from several Italian wine guides, which helped to establish the name of his estate in Italy.All of Elio’s vineyards are on steep, south facing slopes, 600 metres above sea level, arranged in terraces and worked 100% by hand. Well exposed, the vineyards bask in sunshine for much of the year so the grapes achieve full ripeness, yet the altitude and cool evenings ensure the wines retain that all important vibrancy and bite. The Pinot Noir comes from a vineyard planted in 1989 with Burgundy clones and shows great typicity and refinement. The Petite Arvine is a wonderfully delicate white wine, exuding aromas of wild mountain flowers and white fruits. The Fumin and Torrette are packed with character and punch and complete a line up that is both exciting and high quality.

Winemaker: Elio Ottin

Hectares: 6

Website: www.ottinvini.it


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  • Made from an indigenous grape of Valle d`Aosta, this has a medium intense ruby red colour with violet tinches and a light colouration in the tears. The nose offers savoury aromas of cured meat and dried herbs along with bright forest berry aromas and a smoky minerality. The tannin is well integrated, fine grained and structured and the fruit on the palate ranges from blueberries, black cherries and black plums. This has a lovely balance and complexity to it and gets probably closest to a Syrah or Gamay in flavour and intensity.

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    This shows real finesse, purity and personality and offers bright cherry and raspberry fruit, subtle earthiness and striking minerality. Drink from 2016.

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