Domaine Stéphane Magnien

Stéphane Magnien really has hit his stride over the past few years (he only took over from his father in 2008) and seems to be on something of a roll. Stylistically the wines are very much in the classic style with an emphasis on red rather than black fruits and limited extraction. There are quite a lot of old vines in the domaine which allows Stéphane to be gentle in his vinification as there is no need to force things and he prefers to express the appellations and their terroirs rather than the hand of the winemaker! His village wines offer great value whilst his Grands Crus are very much the icing on the cake but it’s 2 of his 1ers Crus that really impress. The Faconnières is a superb example of what a great vineyard this is, undoubtedly one of Morey’s finest whilst Les Sentiers, sitting just beneath the mighty Bonnes Mares, is at the same level in Chambolle. Both his versions are stunning and won’t break the bank.

Winemaker: Stéphane Magnien

Hectares: 4.5 hectares

Bourgogne, Morey-St-Denis, Chambolle-Musigny, Morey-St-Denis 1er Cru, Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru, Clos-St-Denis Grand Cru, Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru



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