Domaine Saint Clair

Denis Basset’s classy domaine is also based in Beaumont Monteux, one of the most exciting and refreshing of the eleven ‘communes’ that make up Crozes-Hermitage. He took over the family estate in 2007, and began keeping back a certain proportion of his crop, as previously his father had been selling it to the Tain co-operative. Denis makes various different cuvées but the one that grabbed our attention was the one that paid homage to him being electrocuted by 25000 volts in his younger days. L’Etincelle (a fair translation would be spark) sees a little new oak, about 20%, but nothing excessive and is a wonderfully pure, definitive expression of Syrah, with an appropriate spine of energy running through its core.

Winemaker: Denis Basset

Hectares: 14 hectares




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