Domaine Les Mille Vignes

These may well be the best Fitous you have ever tasted. They were certainly a huge eye-opener for us when we first tried the wines – truly excellent. The domaine was founded by Jacques Guérin in 1979 and is now run by his daughter Valérie. The vineyards run down towards the sea and enjoy the cooling breezes coming in off the Mediterranean. Valérie has lots of different plots on her land and makes various different cuvées to reflect that. Yields are tiny, around 18 hectolitres per hectare as opposed to the permitted 45. They fall to a token 7 for the Vin Doux Naturel wines! One of the very exciting elements of the domaine, whose wines seem to feature in all the 3-star restaurants in Paris, is the prevalence of Mourvèdre at the domaine. The old vines and low yields allow this notoriously late ripening variety to ripen well and reach its full, seductive potential. Interestingly. oak is not used at all at the domaine except for the Rivesaltes (old Cognac barrels), the stainless-steel vats allowing the purity of fruit to shine through instead. Volumes are very small but be assured quality is very high.

Winemaker: Jacques Guérin, Valérie Guérin

Hectares: total hectares. 10

Muscat de Rivesaltes
Vin de Pay de l’Aude



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