Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

Jean-Baptiste Ponsot has been running the family domaine for about fifteen years. Before his arrival his father used to sell off most of his fruit to other producers but Jean-Baptiste put an end to most of these contracts and slowly cranked up his own production. Today he pretty much keeps everything and his own reputation as one of the village’s very best vignerons is assured. In recent years he has extended the élevage of the wines, particularly the whites, to help elongate the flavours and add nuance and complexity. After spending 12 months or so in between 25% and 45% new oak, the wines then spend a few months in steel to harmonise and refine themselves. Pricing remains very fair and these offer great quality / price ratio.

Winemaker: Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

Hectares: 8.5 hectares

Rully (white and red)


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