Domaine Henri Magnien

It is always very exciting to come across new domaines bursting at the seams with potential just as they begin to blossom and tucked away at the top of Gevrey-Chambertin we have found another in the shape of the rapidly evolving estate of young Charles Magnien, who is just completing the construction of a jaw dropping new cuverie gouged out of the stone of Gevrey, just below the vineyard of Cazetiers! This is a true Gevrey domaine with 6 hectares of vines only in Gevrey. There are various village plots, most of which are blended together, four 1ers Crus and an excellent parcel of 0.4 hectares of the wonderful Grand Cru that is Ruchottes-Chambertin. There are plenty of old vines, some over 100 years old, although the average of the estate is around 45/50 years. Work in the vineyards is thorough and moving ever closer to a fully organic approach with many organic treatments already being used. When the harvest is brought in all the bunches are destemmed apart from a selection of the best ones from the four 1ers Crus which are vinified as whole clusters to produce just one barrel of a special cuvée called Carac Terres. New oak varies from 25% for village wines, 50% for the 1ers Crus up to 100% for the Ruchottes and Carac Terres. Pigeage (pumping down) is kept to a minimum with a preference for remontage (pumping over) to keep the extraction as light as possible. There are no pumps in the cuverie and the bunches are moved around by gravity to keep the berries whole as long as possible, which is better for fragrance and tannin. The gentle extraction during vinification is a key element here, highlighting rather than overpowering the vibrant minerality of the 1ers and Grand Crus.

Winemaker: Charles Magnien

Gevrey-Chambertin VV -1.8 hectares - a blend of 8 parcels from around the village including one plot over 100 years old
25% new oak
Gevrey 1er Champeau - 0.25 hectares
50% new oak
Average vine age 30 years
Gevrey 1er Cazetiers 1.5 hectares
50% new oak
Average vine age 70 years
Gevrey 1er Estournelles St Jacques - 1/3 hectare
50% new oak
Average vine age 55 years
Gevrey 1er Lavaux St Jacques - 1/4 hectare
50% new oak
Average vine age 45 years
Ruchottes Chambertin - 1/7 hectare (half from the top and half from the bottom)
100% new oak
Average vine age 45 years



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