Domaine Gilles Morat

Gilles Morat began running the family domaine in 1997. Based in Vergisson, he and his wife, Joëlle, craft some lovely Pouilly Fuissés and a delicious Saint-Véran. They mix up the use of oak and stainless steel for their élevage depending on the cuvée but even for the top wines new oak is kept to a minimum. They want to capitalise on their extensive work in the vineyards by allowing the minerality and energy to shine through. It looks as though part of their top wine, La Roche, will be granted 1er Cru status, though bizarrely not all of it as some of it is too high! These are incredibly consistent wines of real quality and purity that exemplify the dramatic evolution of this part of Burgundy over the past decade or so.

Winemaker: Gilles et Joëlle Morat

Hectares: 5.6 hectares

Terres du Menhir
Climat `Sur La Roche`
Climat `Aux Vignes Dessus`
St Véran



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