Domaine Coillot

Christophe Coillot took over from his father Bernard almost 20 years ago and runs this Marsannay-based domaine with dynamism and dedication. His wines are an ideal mix of juicy fruit and classical structure, with dark cherry fruits and a real presence through the palate. Grasses Têtes is the more approachable of the two Marsannays, being packed full of succulent fruit, whilst the Boivins is more powerful and masculine. 2016 was a nightmare for Christophe; he lost about 80% of his crop, although what he did make was rather good! The Bourgogne is a bargain, showing lots of spicy, dark berry fruits and loads of flesh. `This domaine is one to watch. Coillot’s style is quite classic but also very seductive.` Decanter, May 2015

Winemaker: Christophe Coillot

Hectares: 12 hectares



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