Cristom Vineyards

Winemaker Steve Doerner has served his time in Burgundy, working for the likes of Domaine Dujac and this can be seen in the style of Cristom’s wines. Burgundian in style with delicacy, elegance and lightness of colour but these wines are most certainly from the Willamette valley. In the words of Steve Doerner `the winemaker`s job is to optimize what nature, the vineyard, provides`. Cristom is one of the greats of Oregon. Founded in 1992, much of the success of Cristom can be attributed to the continuity of winemaker, with Steve Doerner having been there since the beginning. At the core of Doerner`s winemaking style is his extensive use of whole clusters, ranging from 25% for the Mount Jefferson to 50% for the single vineyard wines. Cristom has been a great favourite of ours since the very beginning but what we are only just learning about is just how ageworthy these wines are. Ten year old single vineyard wines have been put up against Grand Cru Burgundy and have compared very favourably. `Cristom being one of the best-known Oregon producers on this side of the Atlantic.` Neal Martin,, Mar 2015

Winemaker: Steve Doerner

Eileen Vineyard 16.6ha
Jessie Vineyard 11.5ha
Louise Vineyard 9.3ha
Marjorie Vineyard 8.4ha
Emilia Vineyard 5ha
Germaine Vineyard 0.5ha



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