Cantina del Castello

This top producer of Soave was established in the 1960s and is now run by Arturo Stocchetti and his daughter Giuglia. Their aim is to produce structured, fresh wines showing the typicity and terroir of Soave. The winery is located at the Sanbonifacio’s court palace in Corte Pittora, a building at the foot of the Scaligero Castle in Soave. A tunnel located under the palace, leading to the castle itself, was once used as a secret passageway and hence Cantina del Castello (‘winery of the castle’) was born. Arturo is also the president of the Consorzio del Soave and his passion for the region and its wines is undeniable. The estate totals 13 hectares of vines which sit on the volcanic Classico part of the appellation. Stylistically, the wines combine beautiful richness and energy, meaning they are full of personality but also lively and enticing. They fit very nicely into our portfolio. The Soave Classico is 90% Garganega and 10% Trebbiano di Soave from two different vineyards. Vinified in stainless steel, the aim here is maintaining freshness to balance the natural richness of the variety.

Winemaker: Arturo Stochetti – owner & winemaker

Hectares: 13 hectares

Orientation. South-West Altitude. 90-110 above sea level. In the highest part of this area, the soil is slightly sloping and fairly deep, with a chalky bedrock and a moderately alkaline character. In the lowest part, known as the “Carcera”, we find a mix of very rich soils with a silty-clay loam texture, less alkaline, and some deposits of the surrounding elevations. The Cantina del Castello produces a Cru that is aged in stainless steel tanks for several months, the Carniga, which is known for its notable propensity for aging.

Orientation. South-East Altitude. 200 mt above sea level. The soil in this area is clayish with a basaltic bedrock, slightly chalky and very slightly alkaline. Slopes are significant. The Cantina del Castello’s selection in this area originates the Pressoni Soave Classico, a wine deeply embedded in the traditional style, and which expresses the typical Soave character, even after just a few months. This drinkability is combined with a strong propensity for aging in the bottle, even for several years.



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