Bret Brothers

The history of the Bret Brothers dates back to 1947 when JeanPhilippe and Jean-Guillaume’s grandfather, Jules, bought an old wine property with a hectare of vines called La Soufrandière in Vinzelles. It was gradually expanded with the production being sold off to the local co-operative. In the 1990s the two brothers studied wine and in 1998 the process to end the contracts with the co-op began so that when the two brothers took control in 2000 they were able to make their own line, not just produce fruit. The following year they set up Bret Brothers with the aim of having access to organic vineyards that they could manage and harvest and bottle under this separate negotiation label. Today, Domaine de la Soufrandière totals 11 hectares and has long been regarded as one of the great domaines of the Mâconnais. The BB operation totals nine hectares spread across lots of small micro cuvées, all made with the same love of organic viticulture, attention to detail and enviable talent as the wines of the domaine.

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