Don’t panic, we are not going industrial. There may be 1200 hectares at this estate but most are woodland, or orchards or planted with cereals or kept for pigs, buffalo and cattle for food production. Only a small percentage is kept under vine. Despite the size of the operation this is anything but an industrial project. It’s more artisanal farming on a grand scale. Everything is done with sustainability in mind. Energy is derived from the by-products of the animals and the plants. Even the swimming pool is kept clean by the process of Phyto purification. The wines are wonderfully slick and keen with excellent energy, freshness and purity of fruit.
`Borgoluce is a relatively new brand that showcases Prosecco Superiore from both the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene parts of the appellation.` Monica Larner,, December 2014

Winemaker: The Collato family

Hectares: 1220 hectares

Conegliano Valdobbiadene



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