Az. Agr. Cantina del Pino

Renato Vacca and his new wife, Franca Miretti, run this terrific family estate, based in Barbaresco. They produce wonderfully pure wines of drive and character. Critic Antonio Galloni is full of praise for the estate commenting excitedly that “not only were the wines among the standouts of my tasting but they also happen to be among the best values in Barbaresco. In short I can’t say enough good things about the wines of Renato Vacca”.The estate is steeped in winemaking history - wine has been made there since 1894 by the initial owner, Domizio Cavazza. Nicknamed the ‘father of Barbaresco’, he was the first person to produce wine from Nebbiolo vineyards under the name Barbaresco. He planted the famous pine tree (‘pino’) at the estate when his first son was born, now a recognisable landmark in the region. The Vaccas took over in 1912 and left the Produttori del Barbareco when Renato’s father set up Cantina del Pino in 1997.



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