American Autumn Release

A Word from Sam Clarke

American Buyer at Stannary St Wine Co.

For an en primeur release to work, you the customer, must have a good reason to buy the wines before they have been shipped. Hopefully two good reasons.

Firstly, there must be a financial incentive, and yes these wines will be more expensive once shipped. Secondly, they must be wines that will not be available in the future, and in many cases that holds true, as these are mostly wines that have limited UK allocations. Most importantly however, they need to be wines that you want to buy, and to be part of your collection. A recent non-Burgundy, Pinot and Chardonnay dinner, left those around the table with fresh knowledge of the aging potential of many of the wines on this offer. A warmer climate and a little more fruit can be deceptive; they are all too easy to drink in their youth but with patience, there is so much potential. Add the odd case of Pinot to the Burgundy collection, or some Cabernet to the Bordeaux and it will make for a fascinating comparison in the future.

The 2015s and 2016s mark the period when California finally saw some much needed rain, and the resulting wines are simply phenomenal, with many of our producers winning outstanding scores from critics. Our American wine portfolio has grown over the past year, reflecting the exceptional quality we've been seeing coming out of the country, and while we have offered American wines en primeur in years past, this is the most comprehensive. 

Many of the wines are available only in small volumes so we may well have to allocate. There are some truly fabulous wines here and we hope you will find some things of interest. The wines will be shipped over the next 6 months.

You can find the full offer, with tasting notes and scores HERE, with links to buy each wine directly.  


       American Wine Autumn Release

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