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A Word from Philippa Saunders

Italian Buyer at Stannary St Wine Co.

Italy really does offer something for everyone. One of the oldest wine producing countries in the world, it is home to over 3000 indigenous varieties and 20 different wine growing areas. A country where food and wine are intrinsically interlinked, it takes the term ‘diversity’ to another level. From the mountains of Alto Adige to the sun-drenched South, it is the extremes of landscape and climate that make Italy one of the most exciting wine regions. Improvements in winemaking and viticulture management, especially over the last 10-15 years means that quality has never been better.  Furthermore, when compared to some of the world’s most renowned regions, even at the top end Italy can offer incredible value for money. Over the past two years, we have completely revamped our Italian portfolio to include some of the country’s very finest producers. We are therefore delighted to present you with our first ever En Primeur Italian offer, which features all of the latest releases. Many of these wines are only available in small quantities and we may have to allocate some of them. Those that are in particularly short supply have been highlighted. All wines will be shipped during 2018. Wines are listed from North to South. Find the full offer here.





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A Brief Note on Recent Vintages

The overall quality of 2013 in Piedmont is very good. Think more finesse than power, the elegance of the vintage is undeniable despite alcohol levels of around 14.5%. Temperatures were relatively cool but good weather in September/October meant harvest could be delayed until mid-late October - one of the latest in recent years. The wines have great perfume, a cool fruit profile and refreshing acid with a profound, but fine tannic structure. It is without doubt a vintage where ‘terroir’ emerges in the resulting wines.

2013 in Montalcino was a cooler year than 2011 or 2012. However, climatic conditions rarely tell the whole story. Despite a wet spring and an uneven summer, September was warm and dry so grapes stayed healthy. 2013 Brunellos seem to be more complex than 2012 and have better balance than 2011. They have character, structure and depth. It is a vintage that shows the elegance and restraint of Sangiovese rather than the big, rich, tannic side. Most wines are between 13-14% (in 2011 they were more like 14-15%) and have a pure, transparent fruit character with bright acidity.

2014 will go down as a challenging year for growers in many parts of Italy. In Piedmont, painstaking and timely work in the vineyards was needed throughout the summer. Green harvests were stricter than usual in order to increase the quality of the fruit. By the end of the summer, weather conditions had improved and a good September helped the grapes achieve full maturation. Careful attention was needed during vinification, but the resulting wines from good growers are graceful, refined and elegant – indeed quite Burgundian.


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