2016 Burgundy En Primeur

Thank you all for coming at our 2016 Burgundy En Primeur Tasting, we hope you enjoyed meeting the growers and discovering the '16 vintage! Our full 2016 Burgundy En Primeur offer is now available here - most wines can be ordered online but for those that have very limited quantities, please get in touch with your wish list.

A few words on the vintage: "The temptation always exists amongst the media to reduce a vintage to a couple of bullet points and to make an early declaration about quality. Never has this been more dangerous than when discussing 2016. The numerous trips to Burgundy by the whole Stannary team have reinforced the need to listen to the stories from each domaine. Without doubt the frost in April was the defining moment of the year but the impact on each domaine, village and vineyard differed wildly. The vintage illustrates the fascinating microclimate of Burgundy like no other that we can remember. Whilst quantities differ enormously, every domaine is very happy with the quality of what they have produced. One comparison which came from many winemakers was the likening of 2016 to a mixture of 2015 and 2014. The intensity and quality of 2015, combined with the more classical structure of 2014. As always nothing can beat tasting the wines and talking to the vignerons yourself and we very much hope that you will do just that on the 9th. Sam Clarke, Director" 

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