2015 Galea

Wine colour
Italy > Friuli-Venezia-Giulia
I Clivi
Tasting Notes:

This dense white is 100% Friuliano, although the label gives no indication of the variety. Mario and his father Ferdinando are passionately focused on vineyard and terroir, and subsequently have bottled their two cru Friulianos under the name of the vineyard. When Mario and Ferdinando went looking for vineyards in the mid-90`s, they knew their vision was centred around old vines and impeccable terroir. They found it in the in the Brazzano di Cormons region, along the Slovenian border, and the two vineyards (Galea and Brazan) are each featured in one of the two cru Friulianos. The Galea vineyard has bigger diurnal temperature swings, giving this wine a saline minerality, with an expressive nose of white plum and apple. The long maturation on the lees lends a soft texture to this wine, developing some earthy undertones on the finish, differentiating it from the Brazan Friuliano.

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