Decision making during the Covid pandemic was not easy and it is too early even now to make definitive conclusions about many things. However, Jasmine Hirsch says categorically that she got her bottling decision wrong. Remember that Jasmine is in the unusual position of working with fruit from her family’s estate and does not have the fall back of selling grapes to buyers who are tied into long term contracts. Wrong decisions are very expensive.

Jasmine looked into her crystal ball and saw a significant economic downturn with belts being tightened and a lower spend on high end wines. With that in mind Jasmine decided to declassify the vast majority of her single vineyard wines into the San Andreas Fault Estate wine. As a result, the East Ridge, West Ridge, Raschen Ridge, Reserve and Block 8 are rarer than a 2021 white Burgundy.

Sadly, Jasmine’s crystal ball was not at the top of its game; many parts of the economy suffered terribly but the fine wine market charged onwards as many of us were holed up drinking lovely wine to console ourselves. An expensive decision for Jasmine and her family but one that has a considerable upside for buyers of Hirsch; unsurprisingly the 2019 is the finest San Andreas Fault Estate wine that they have ever made.

On a recent trip to the US, I worked my way through a mixed case of 2019 San Andreas and 2020 Bohan Dillon. Given the make up of the San Andreas Fault it will benefit from patience more than ever, but it’ll be well worth the wait. The Bohan Dillon shows beautifully from release and gives a taste of what the Hirsch wines are all about; poised, delicate, lower alcohol, balanced Pinot Noir, which combine substance with lift and prettiness.

Given the fires in 2020 we will be faced with another small vintage next year so now is the moment to add some Hirsch to your collection.

Sam Clarke – Director and US Buyer


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2020 Hirsch Bohan Dillon Pinot Noir


Delicate, bright and elegant, Hirsch’s Bohan Dillon is by far their most accessible Pinot. Crushed red berries, great purity and very expressive. This wine has tremendous lift and gives immediate pleasure.

£360 in bond per 12

2019 Hirsch San Andreas
Fault Estate Pinot Noir

More reticent than the Bohan Dillon but with impressive depth and complexity. Darker fruit character of cherry and plum with an overall brooding presence. Tannins are notable but supple, this already beautiful wine has the potential to develop into something very special

£510 in bond per 12