In the recent Zoom tasting with Gavin, his enthusiasm for the 2019s was palpable. The abbreviated version of what he said; the 2019 vintage has produced some of the best wines that he has ever made but they are wines for the long haul. What was also apparent from the tasting was that Gavin has entered a more assured stage of his career, with more experiences and vintages to draw on. In his 20s, Gavin made it onto the Forbes list of 30 Top Achievers Under 30, but now at the ripe old age of 35 Gavin is more reflective. When asked what vintage he likens the 2019s to, he comes back to the much-loved 2010s. When asked whether it is a Pinot or Chardonnay vintage, or what vineyard sites he leans towards, Gavin is reluctant to be drawn. Wary of the early declarations that he might have once made, and aware of the aging potential of these wines he wants to give the wines time to express themselves before jumping to conclusions.

Sadly, what is undoubtedly true is the size of the vintage. Strong Pacific winds at flowering have left him with a vastly smaller crop than previous years so please do speak sooner rather than later if you would like an allocation.

These wines are already on the water and will be here by Christmas, but please try to hold off on pulling the corks for a bit.


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