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Domaine François Chidaine

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Loire Valley
François Chidaine
Using Biodynamic practices

About Domaine François Chidaine:

The fantastic cellars of top winemaker François Chidaine lie across the river from Vouvray in Montlouis. It’s a reasonably sizeable domaine, totalling 37 hectares, including 20 in Montlouis, 10 in Vouvray and 7 in Touraine. It went organic in 1992 and biodynamic seven years later in 1999. François’ wines have an absolute harmony, both texturally and in their acid/fruit balance. This contributes to their complexity and length and helps give them energy, which makes them both incredibly satisfying and mouth-watering at the same time. Recent vintages have been virtually non-existent due to frost and hail, which means we currently have very little to offer. Stylistically, these wines are quite different from those of Philippe Foreau. The 20 hectares of Montlouis is divided up into a remarkable 30 different parcels, with lots of different soil types, including silex noir (black flint), which is known locally as Choisilles!

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Domaine François Chidaine in the press:

”Chidaine is one of the world’s finest craftsmen in the medium of white wine, not to mention a continuing source of amazing value.”

David Schildknecht,
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