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Domaine Arlaud Père & Fils

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Côte de Nuits
Cyprien Arlaud
Certified Biodynamic

About Domaine Arlaud Père & Fils:

This is now a sizeable operation, combining 18 hectares of owned vineyards with several more managed vineyards. The whole thing runs biodynamically, and the passion and attention to detail throughout is tangible. Over the years the style of Cyprien’s wines has changed, becoming subtler and more refined. He has a good smattering of old vines throughout the domaine, which give the wines a natural, unforced concentration and allows him to play around with a certain amount of whole bunch, knowing the stems are fully ripe. One would never describe these as tarty, showy wines but neither are they too discreet. They are perfect examples of what Burgundy should be; elegant and complex with the concentration displayed through length rather than immediate impact.

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Domaine Arlaud Père & Fils in the press:

“Cyprien is clearly a skilled winemaker who extracts the best from his enviable array of holdings.”

Neal Martin,

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