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Steve Goff

About Colene Clemens Vineyards:

Joe and Vicki started their working life outside the wine business, but their passion for wine and, particularly Pinot Noir, became ever more intense. Hence, their desire to use the wealth they had created to fuel that passion became stronger. And so their search for some suitable land began. They found it in the Chehalem Mountains when they stumbled across an old farmstead with abandoned orchards. It was a beautiful spot, and planting began on some steep, rocky slopes that they felt would be perfect for this most precocious of varietals. Winemaker Steve Goff was signed up to look after all things vinous, and so Colene Clemens, named after Vicki’s mum, was born. The first plantings were done in 2006, and there are currently 16 hectares under vines on sedimentary and volcanic soils. All the grapes are destemmed, and new oak varies from 25% to 50%, depending on the cuvée and the vintage. The three cuvées that are made are named after Colene’s daughter Victoria, who is, of course, Vicki, grand-daughter Adriane and great grand-daughter Margo. Although much of the same fruit goes into each blend each year, they are not entirely single-vineyard wines, although Steve Goff is anxious to retain some sense of terroir across the range. All the wines are bottled, unfined and unfiltered.

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