On 14 January, we welcomed our Burgundian winemakers for the 2018 Burgundy En Primeur tasting to launch the new vintage, and we are delighted now to release our full 2018 En Primeur offer. It is the largest En Primeur offer that we have ever put together. After several weeks of intense tastings, our Burgundy buyer Jason Haynes has written an excellent report on the vintage.

“It’s no secret that 2018 was a gorgeously sunny vintage across most of Europe. We all seemed to enjoy the relentless sunshine that kissed us from June through to September, and Burgundy was no different. 2018 was the warmest year on record in the region, yet this grandiose statement is based on constant warm weather rather than the heat spikes experienced in 2003. The subtleties of this vintage, as well as the viticultural decisions of each producer, are key to understanding the wines. The big surprise of the vintage were the whites, which show remarkable freshness, have a wonderful salty quality and low pHs. Since last year, all the hype about 2018 has been focused on the red wines.”  As Jason notes in detail, those domaines that picked early, have made terroir-driven, striking wines, that sit very comfortably amongst the decade’s best.  Burgundy’s golden era continues.

Also, in the vintage report, you will find the top three picks from Sam Clarke, Tom Bird, and Sara Guiducci. Demand for these wines, and many others, are expected to be high and allocations will be finalised by February 15th. The whites will start to arrive in early summer, most reds are expected to have arrived by December 2020.