Stannary is proud to offer our Italian En Primeur release this April. With our continually growing portfolio of Italian producers, we have decided to split the releases into four parts; Cantina del Pino special, North-East Italy, Piedmont & North West Italy and finally Tuscany & Southern Italy. This first part of our Italian Season shines a spotlight on the historic property of Cantina del Pino in honour of a great winemaker and dear friend, Renato Vacca.

I am deeply saddened to write that Renato Vacca passed away a couple of weeks ago.  He was one of the most gentle, kind and knowledgeable growers I have had the pleasure of meeting. His wines are as unassuming, ethereal and deep as he was.  The estate always released the wines later than most (to give them extra time in bottle), but circumstances dictate that the 2016s will not be available until later this year. In the meantime, Franca, Renato’s wife, has allowed us to offer some more of the exquisite and highly revered 2015s. We first offered these in April last year and since then, they have received high praise from many wine critics; no less than they deserve.

The estate is steeped in winemaking history – wine has been made there since 1894 by the initial owner, Domizio Cavazza.  Nicknamed the ‘father of Barbaresco’, he was the first person to produce wine from Nebbiolo vineyards under the name Barbaresco. He planted the famous pine tree (‘pino’) at the estate when his first son was born, now a recognisable landmark in the region. The Vaccas took over in 1912 and left the Produttori del Barbaresco when Renato’s father set up Cantina del Pino in 1997.  The Ovello vineyard, which surrounds the estate is one of the most exceptional crus in Barbaresco. Many of the vines are 70+ years old, and it consistently produces one of the best and age-worthy wines in the region. Albesani is located in Neive. The soil here is more clay (Ovello is sandier) with a warmer, southerly exposition and it tends to be more approachable in its youth than Ovello. The straight Barbaresco is a blend of four vineyards, predominantly Ovello and Gallina.

As Antonio Galloni has said “…they happen to be amongst the best value in Barbaresco.  In short, I can’t say enough good things about the wines of Renato Vacca”. These are wonderfully elegant, transparent wines and the 2015s are beginning to drink incredibly well.

Philippa Saunders, Italy Buyer


2015 Barbaresco – £140 IB/6
2015 Barbaresco Albesani – £180 IB/6
2015 Barbaresco Ovello – £180 IB/6