Italian En Primeur : Part 3 Piedmont

2016 is a vintage most winegrowers dream of. Many reported that in all their years of farming, they had never seen such a good vintage. 2017 will suffer for no other reason than following 2016. It will be remembered for its high summer temperatures and was one of the earliest harvests on record, about one to two weeks earlier than the average.

Italian En Primeur : Part 2 North East Italy

There is so much more to Italy than Piedmont and Tuscany so we decided that part one of our En Primeur Offers should focus on the wines of North East Italy, and specifically some of the most iconic estates in Friuli.  Bordering Slovenia to the east, and Austria to the north, this part of Italy is mostly renowned for its top-class, age worthy whites. However, thanks to global warming as temperatures have risen over the last decade or so, and with improvements in viticulture and vinification practices, in the right hands, the reds are also very exciting.

Italian En Primeur : Part 1 Cantina Del Pino, Barbaresco

Stannary is proud to offer our Italian En Primeur release this April. With our continually growing portfolio of Italian producers, we have decided to split the releases into four parts; Cantina del Pino special, North-East Italy, Piedmont & North West Italy and finally Tuscany & Southern Italy. Today we are launching our first part of our Italian Season with a spotlight on the historic property of Cantina del Pino in honour of a great winemaker and dear friend, Renato Vacca.

2018 Burgundy En Primeur Offer

On 14 January, we welcomed our Burgundian winemakers for the 2018 Burgundy En Primeur tasting to launch the new vintage, and we are delighted now to release our full 2018 En Primeur offer. It is the largest En Primeur offer that we have ever put together. After several weeks of intense tastings, our Burgundy buyer Jason Haynes has written…