Winemaker Dinner with Gavin Chanin

Event Details:

Tuesday 26th of March 2019

Tuesday, 26th March
Cabotte Restaurant
£145 per person


Aperitif 6.30pm
Dinner 7.00pm

Gavin Chanin is one of the most charismatic winemakers in California and certainly one of the busiest, running two labels and travelling all over the world promoting them both. He knows the area of Santa Barbara like the back of his hand and has fantastic contacts throughout the region that allow him access to not just the best vineyards but the best bits of the best vineyards. Santa Barbara is quickly becoming an icon in the world of Pinot Noir, where the unique setting of the valleys running west to east allow for a freshness that is sometimes difficult to cultivate in California. It speaks to Gavin`s skill and finesse that his wines have risen to such great heights when there is so much new talent in the area.

His love of the wines from Burgundy perhaps inspires his desire to make wines that exude freshness, precision, balance and complexity. He is not looking for instant gratification but subtlety and length, and consequently he seeks out sites with stonier soils and less obvious exposure and then picks before the grapes become too rich.

We are thrilled to host Gavin for a winemaker dinner at Cabotte restaurant the 26th of March, for an evening of exquisite wines from the exhilarating region that is Santa Barbara.

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