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Since we first began eulogizing about the 2019 vintage back in the autumn of last year, little has changed to dampen our enthusiasm. In fact, the more we have tasted and dissected the wines since then, the more we have fallen in love with the vintage. It is undoubtedly the real deal.

And so, we come to the much-anticipated release of one of the true jewels of our portfolio, the 2019s from Domaine Dujac. It’s more than fifty years since a young and ambitious Jacques Seysses created his eponymous domaine, but both he and the domaine have lost none of their energy. His sons, Jeremy and Alec, along with his daughter-in-law, Diana, are now responsible for nurturing this very familial operation. The quality of wines in recent years has been nothing short of mesmerizing and it feels like these 2019s might just be the icing on the cake. As stated earlier in the year, 2019 was the perfect vintage for using whole bunch, so phenolically ripe were the bunches, and as major proponents of this practice, the domaine was ideally placed to benefit from the added freshness and complexity that they can bring.

As we know, the new vintage really begins shortly after the harvest of the previous year, and the winter of 2018/2019 was, as seems so often to be the way these days, rather mild. Great for the tourists, less good for encouraging the vines to hibernate away. Despite slightly cooler conditions in the latter half of February, bud burst arrived early in the spring, ushering a period of nervousness for the vignerons, who feared the effects of a late frost on their well-advanced vineyards. Thankfully, frost was generally avoided, and potential yields remained intact, for now! However, inclement weather during the second part of flowering caused problems and reduced potential yields significantly. As summer progressed, the warmer, sunnier weather returned. Although some days were really very hot, the evenings generally remained cool, allowing the vines much needed respite and a chance to breathe. Sugar levels thus remained sensible and acidity levels were maintained at an appropriate level. July and August brought more heat, and rainfall was hardly commonplace, although it tended to appear just before its absence became an overwhelming issue. However, overall, it was drier than average and the berries lacked much juice, concentrating their components but also further reducing yields. Hydric stress was thankfully avoided, allowing maturation to continue, aided by having smaller bunches to bring to full ripeness.

Harvest conditions were excellent when picking began on the 10th of September in the Côte de Beaune and the 14th in the Côte de Nuits and the grapes came in beautifully clean, requiring little sorting save for the removal of a few sunburnt grapes. So, the Seysses had some great raw material to work with, albeit a little less than they might have hoped for. Extraction of colour and substance came easily, allowing the family to be extra delicate with the bunches, relying more on infusion (as opposed to extraction) to help maintain finesse. The colours are wonderfully intense and pure and the pH levels remarkably low, enhancing the freshness and definition of the wines. New oak was again well handled and perhaps at lower percentages than in previous decades. It is too early to say quite how good these 2019s might be, but I like the quiet confidence of the family, which suggests they know they have something special in the cellar!

We expect these wines to enjoy unprecedented demand and it will, no doubt, be incredibly difficult to allocate them. We have asked for many of the wines to be packaged in 3s so we can offer as many people as possible at least a case or two. The wines themselves will be shipped in the spring.

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