Thibault Liger-Belair’s outstanding Moulin-à-Vents have become a popular feature of our annual Burgundy EP campaign, but they are offered today alongside a host of wines with which you may be less familiar. Our portfolio of Cru Beaujolais has grown in the past year to include producers with holdings in seven of the ten Crus. Their wines run a broad stylistic gamut – from aérien to brooding; thirst-quenching to intensely concentrated – indicative of different approaches in the winery and, above all, the variations in terroir across the Crus.

The latest addition to our roster is Antoine Sunier, based in Régnié. Antoine is among the very best of a new wave of winemakers whose ambition and expertise has dynamised the entire Beaujolais region, casting fresh light on more established estates such as Domaine Coudert, source of the iconic Fleurie ‘Clos de la Roilette’ (another relative newcomer to Stannary).

A small number of the wines offered today have already shipped and are available now for delivery (these are marked with an asterisk). The majority, however, will be collected in the course of 2022. Recommended drinking windows are provided, and while we never miss an opportunity to emphasise how well they can age, the beauty of many Cru Beaujolais wines is that they also deliver huge amounts of pleasure and no little complexity in the shortterm; this is particularly true of the sinuous yet fresh 2020 vintage.

As we have written before, how many other regions can deliver such complex, age-worthy and downright delicious wines for under £15 per bottle in bond? The initiated will need no invitation, but anyone yet to add a case or two of Cru Beaujolais to their cellar should hesitate no longer; 2020 is the perfect vintage to begin your love affair with the glorious Gamay grape.

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