Style - solid, full bodied, good value

Savigny-lès Beaune is situated between Beaune and the hill of Corton, with the river Rhoin running through the middle, splitting the village in two. A small amount of white wine is made but it is the reds that Savigny is best known for. The wines tend to be more full bodied than those from Beaune, intensely coloured with ample fruit and structure but are sometimes described as a bit rustic. However, in the best hands, there is excellent value to be found, especially as premier crus are not that much more expensive than village wines. It was once considered inferior to the appellation of Beaune but this changed about 30 years ago when the wines started to sell for more at the Hospices de Beaune auction. The 143 hectares of premier crus (22 in total) are located on both the Beaune and the Pernand side.

The soil is predominantly sandy on the Beaune side and the best vineyards include Les Peuillets and Jarrons. The best vineyards on the Pernand side include Aux Gravains, Aux Vergelesses and Aux Serpentiers where soil is more gravelly. Most of the village wines come from the flatter land either side of the river where the soils are more alluvial. The vineyards have ancient lineage, and in much of their history have belonged to the dukes of Bourgogne, knights of Malta and neighbouring religious houses.