Style - broad, gutsy, tannic, iron, gritty, earthy

Nuits St Georges is the most southern of all the villages in the Cotes de Nuits, with an age old history of winemaking. The appellation falls into two parts, with the town in the middle, extending as far as Vosne Romanée in the north. To the south, vineyards lie partly in Nuits and partly in Premeaux, which is included within the Nuits umbrella for viticultural reasons. There are no official grand cru vineyards, but the village was happy to add the name of its finest vineyard, Les St Georges in the nineteenth century. It was the humble nature of mayor, Henri Gouges, that blocked Les St Georges being given grand cru status, as he didn`t want to be seen to be favouring his own holdings when in charge of sanctioning the classifications. It remains a premier cru, although this may change over the next decade. There are over 300 hectares under vine - 175 hectares are classified as village Nuits St Georges and 143 as premier cru, of which there are 41 different vineyards.

There are many different styles of wine produced, depending on the origin of the vineyards as well as the style of specific domaines. The best and most sought after vineyards, such as Vaucrains, Les St Georges and Cailles are concentrated in the south of the village. Soils here are deep marly limestone at the bottom, wheras the underlying rock is almost visible at the top of the slope. The resulting wines have great power, depth, concentration and the greatest ageing potential. Vineyards such as Damodes, Murgers and Boudots are located at the Vosne end of the village and the wines have more finesse and elegance, like their Vosne counterparts. Wines produced from within the district of Premeaux are often lighter in style. Several producers in Nuits make a white wine from Pinot Blanc or Chardonnay.