Style – lean, fresh, crunchy

Auxey-Duresses sits behind the line of villages of the Côte de Beaune, to the west of Monthélie. It and was granted AOC status is 1937. The climate is a bit cooler due to the higher altitude and cold winds and grapes do not ripen as easily as in other parts of the Côte de Beaune. The resulting wines are crisp and fresh - similar in style to the wines of Meursault and Volnay but in a leaner, slightly stricter way. Whites often have an attractive minerality and reds have a well defined structure. Both have the capacity to age well, and offer an excellent qualité prix ratio. As the region heats up, the wines from Auxey are becoming more and more desirable. Vineyards in the hamlets of Petit Auxey and Melin are also included within the appellation and overall, production is about 70% red to 30% white.

The premier crus (9 in total) lie on the eastern Monthélie edge of the village, on the slopes of the Montagne de Bourdon, which is the warmest part of the valley.The best include Les Duresses and Clos du Val. White vineyards are located on the slopes next to Meursault, a direct extension of Vireuils, Luchets and Meix Chavaux. Some vines are trained high, which is unusual for Burgundy. One of the main limitations this village has experienced is the difficulty pronouncing its name (pronounced `Aussey`)!