Stannary Women's Wine Club

Published: 12-05-2017

The inaugural Stannary Women's Wine Club Evening on Tuesday 9th May was a resounding success. Given the presence of Diana Seysses, Chiara Mondavi, Dujac's 1990 Echezeaux, and 2014 Continuum, this was not a huge surprise but the evening also threw up a number of interesting talking points. Why are wine dinners so male dominated? What can be done to make the world of wine more welcoming to women. 

The debate didn't get in the way of the main purpose of the evening; to have fun and to enjoy the wines.
Given the success of the event, the Stannary Women's Wine Club will become a continuing part of our events calendar. The date for the next event has been set for the 20th of September.

If anyone would like to attend or be on the mailing list of the most women friendly company in wine, then please just email us here.

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