Burgundy trip, by Sam Clarke

Published: 13-11-2015

The Stannary Burgundy trip kicked off in earnest at 8.30am this Monday with a trio of great Côte de Beaune Domaines; Pernot-Belicard, Paul Pillot and Bernard Moreau. Expectations were high as earlier parties had hyped up the quality of the 2014 whites. They did not disappoint and it really is an exceptional vintage for white wine. All three reported that they were presented with a quality of grape that they haven't seen since 2007.

Lunch at Castel-Très-Girard was followed by Dujac, Gouges and Frantin in quick succession. Greg Gouges played the blind tasting game of the domaine; he would keep opening bottles as long as someone called the wine correctly. The fact that he had to open three bottles had more to do with the size of our squad than the quality of our analysis but the 1999 Les St Georges was a great treat.

The story of the dinner at ma Cuisine is best told by the photo below



but one thing worth adding is to compliment the restaurant on the quality of both the food and the storage of the wines, including the 1978 Volnay 1er Cru pictured.

It would be harsh to single out any one Domaine from the following day because to a large extent it came down to a matter of taste. Taupenot-Merme, Duroché, Hudelot-Noëllat and Georges Noëllat as some of the great stars of the Stannary line up and 2014 is a vintage that has been kind to all of them.

The journey home is generally a tired, uncommunicative event but CR didn't see it that way. A twenty minute gap before the Eurostar was more than enough for him to order three dozen oysters, a plate of cheese, some prawns and two bottles of wine. What an inspired idea. 

We all left with many happy memories and a wonderful impression of 2014 Burgundy.

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