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Stannary Dinner Club - Corton Charlemagne, Hudelot-Noëllat & Denis Mortet

Published: 26-06-2019

sam supper club june

Sam Clarke discusses last night's Stannary Wine Club Corton Charlemagne, Hudelot-Noëllat and Denis Mortet dinner.
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Stannary Dinner Club - Echezeaux, Vosne-Romanée and Meursault

Published: 02-05-2019


Sam Clarke discusses last night's Stannary Wine Club Echezeaux, Vosne-Romanée and Meursault dinner.
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Barolo - The Wine Of Kings

Published: 27-03-2019


Stannary's Sara Guiduicci discusses what makes Nebiollo the King of Grapes in her latest blog on Barolo and Barbaresco.

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Five Top Women Winemakers

Published: 08-03-2019

5 Top Women Winemakers

In honour of Women's Day, here are five of our top women winemakers, all making incredible wines through hard work, passion, and sheer talent.

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Does Terroir Matter?

Published: 12-02-2019

Does Terroir Matter?

Does terroir matter? Sara Guiducci explores this question in an article discussing what, exactly, terroir is, and the differences it makes in the winemaking process and, of course, the final bottle of wine.

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2018 Stannary Market Report

Published: 17-01-2019

2018 Stannary Wine Market Report

Sara Guiducci writes about the trends we saw at Stannary St Wine Co. in 2018 and in the Burgundy market.

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5 New Generation Winemakers in Burgundy

Published: 13-12-2018

New Wave Winemakers in Burgundy

Here are five winemakers to keep your eye on at the January 8th Burgundy En Primeur tasting, all from the new wave of Burgundy winemakers.

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Buying Burgundy En Primeur – The Process Explained

Published: 05-12-2018

Burgundy En Primeur Explained

Sara Guiducci explains the basics of the annual Burgundy En Primeur campaign. 

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Stannary Dinner Club: Piedmont

Published: 29-11-2018

Stannary Dinner Club Piedmont

Director Sam Clarke gives his thoughts after a superlative Piedmont dinner club, with the guest appearance by a massive white truffle.

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Elvio Cogno Winemaker Dinner

Published: 01-11-2018

Elvio Cogno Winemaker Dinner

Sara Guiducci writes about the highlights of a recent Barolo dinner with Valter Fissore, winemaker at renowned Barolo producer Azienda Agricola Elvio Cogno.

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Premox in White Burgundy

Published: 29-10-2018

Sara Guiducci Thoughts on Premox Wine

For our readers interested in diving deep into the world of wine, we are launching a new series of articles covering a variety of subjects in the world of fine wine.

For the first article of the series, Sara Guiducci, Co-Head of Private Client Sales, gives her thoughts on premox in white Burgundy. Read on for the full article.

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California Collectible Dinner at the US Embassy

Published: 01-10-2018

California Collectible wine tasting

Sara Guiducci joins Stannary St Wine Co. as the new joint Head of Private Client Sales, just in time for the California Collectible tasting and black-tie dinner at the brand new US Embassy in conjunction with the California Wine Institute. Read the whole story after the jump for the scoop on the wines of the night!

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West Coast Cabernet Dinner Club

Published: 31-08-2018

Head of Private Client Sales Tom Bird shares his thoughts after a dinner club themed around West Coast Cabernets, with an array of excellent and powerful wines on show.

West Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

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Domaine Dujac Dinner with Alec Seysses

Published: 25-06-2018

Last month, we were delighted to host Alec Seysses of renowned Domaine Dujac. New Head of Private Client Sales Tom Bird gives his thoughts on the dinner and the impressive line-up of wines.

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Non-Burgundy Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Published: 20-06-2018

Stannary St Wine Co.'s American expert Sam Clarke gives his thoughts on an unusually Burgundy-free Stannary Dinner Club.

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An Italian Road Trip

Published: 17-04-2018

Last month, Stannary St Wine Co. Italian wine buyer, Philippa Saunders, took to the hillsides of Italy to taste wines with our growers and a handful of sommeliers.

Italy Blog

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Echezeaux and Puligny-Montrachet Dinner

Published: 28-09-2017

Read up on the comments of Jason Haynes about our last Stannary St Wine Co. Dinner Club, which was all about Echezeaux and Puligny-Montrachet and came with surprising discoveries!

Echezeaux Puligny-Montrachet Dinner

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Lessons learned in California - Gavin Chanin

Published: 20-06-2017

Last week's sommelier trip to California was the chance to get dirty with soil, and to see whether winemakers were telling the truth about supposedly cool climate Californian vineyards. Standing on the Sanford and Benedict vineyard at midday last Tuesday, with the temperature at 68 degrees fahrenheit, has led to me to stop questioning their honesty.

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Diana Snowden at Tate Britain

Published: 09-06-2017

Have a look on our inaugural Stannary Women's Evening on Tuesday 9th May at ours! Such a successful night. We are looking forward to seeing you next time !                                                                                       

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Stannary Women's Wine Club

Published: 12-05-2017

Have a look on our inaugural Stannary Women's Evening on Tuesday 9th May at ours! Such a successful night. We are looking forward to seeing you next time !                                                                                     
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Nebbiolo & Sangiovese: Exploring Two of the Noblest Grapes of Italy

Published: 02-05-2017

Wednesday 5th April, Luke Robertson and some Stannary Wine customers had the honour of tasting through some inspiring wines from Italy.  The aim was to show the diversity of Nebbiolo in Piedmont, by exploring the regions of Barolo and Barbaresco, and the diversity of Sangiovese in Tuscany by tasting the wines of Chianti, Montalcino and Scansano.    
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Alberto from Roccapesta explains Morellino di Scansano

Published: 11-02-2017

This January, the special guest at our Stannary head quarters was Alberto Tanzini, owner and creator of Az. Agr. Roccapesta. Alberto shared his knowledge about the region of Morellino di Scansano, a not yet famous region within Tuscany. 

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Jason Haynes’ 2015 Vintage Burgundy Report

Published: 09-12-2016

Our director and Burgundy buyer, Jason Haynes, spent the best part of the past two months in Burgundy to taste the 2015 vintage. With more than 20 years of experience in buying fine Burgundy, his vintage report is highly anticipated by Burgundy lovers and we are delighted to share Jason's impressions ahead of our Burgundy En Primeur tasting which will take place on 10th January 2017 at One Whitehall Place.
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Morey-St-Denis Dinner

Published: 09-12-2016

Our December Stannary St Wine Co Dinner, threw out some surprising results.

It was a truly enjoyable evening, as always, with great company, a sublime menu cooked up by Francis Percival and some pretty decent wines.
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A masterclass with Gavin Chanin

Published: 09-12-2016

Read up on the masterclass hosted by Gavin Chanin from Chanin wines & LUTUM, including tasting notes from two of Gavin's favourite vintages, 2009 & 2009.
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Meet Peter from Heinrichshof

Published: 01-12-2016

This month, one of our special guests at our Stannary Street offices was Peter Griebeler, from Mosel producer Heinrichshof. In this blog article we wrote up lots of insider information on the estate, Peter's career and the recent vintages in the Mosel area. We are certain that Heinrichshof are a producer to be watched! Already with Peter's first vintage at his family estate, 2014, which was furthermore a challenging vintage throughout Germany, he achieved 95 points in the Decanter Riesling Panel tasting for the 2014 Schlossberg Riesling trocken.


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2016 Harvest Report from Tuscany

Published: 15-11-2016

2016 is guaranteed to make history as one of the most breath taking vintages for vineyard owners in Europe. It was certainly a vintage with multiple surprises.
Marco Ricasoli-Firidolfi gives you an overview about the vintage conditions and how grapes have developed in the end.

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Three new Burgundy producers at Stannary St Wine Co.

Published: 01-11-2016

Jason Haynes, our Burgundy buyer and expert, tracked down 3 exciting new Burgundy producers during his visits of the region in the past year.

We are continually on the look-out for new, young talent and bringing a potential new star to the UK always gives us a real buzz. With so many small vintages recently, discovering high quality new domaines is more vital than ever. The 2015 vintage is shaping up to be fantastic with the wines being much more classic than initially expected. 

In this blog article you can find out why we like our new producers so much. 
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Rocca di Montegrossi Tasting

Published: 01-11-2016

Every now and again we are lucky enough to start our day exceptionally well: with a wine tasting!

Last week Marco Ricasoli-Firidolfi from Rocca di Montegrossi tasted his range with us and also shared a lot of insider information about his wines. 

Luke wrote up on the morning. 
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Côte de Beaune Dinner

Published: 31-10-2016

This dinner was partly planned to celebrate the start of the game season and have some grouse prepared by Francis. But of course the wines were not to shabby either...

Anja wrote up on the food and wine of the night.
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Burgundy vs USA tasting

Published: 14-09-2016

The greatest wine rivalry between France and the USA was the infamous ‘Judgement of Paris’ back in 1976. We were not looking to recreate this event, but we thought that 40 years on from that event it would be great to look at the two great countries and some of the great wines that they produce.

Luke wrote up on this exciting evening. 
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Stannary St Wine Co.'s 10 year anniversary rowing adventure

Published: 15-07-2016

To celebrate our 10 year anniversay, we decided to take the challenge and row the Thames!

Read on about our adventure.                                                                                                             
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Report from the Vineyards

Published: 21-06-2016

During his time in Burgundy, Jason Haynes catches up with our producers, tastes through their wines and receives an in-depth analysis from each producer of what Mother Nature delivers each vintage. 

Click through for a vineyard update from Alex Moreau, after the devastating hail in April.  
Alex Moreau

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Meursault and Chambolle

Published: 26-05-2016

The month of May brought us another Stannary St Wine Co. Burgundy dinner, this time themed around the wines of Meursault and Chambolle in a semi-blind tasting. Our previous dinners have been organised around vintage, but this tasting was, happy to say, equally successful, with some delightful surprises along the way.

Read on for our top wines of the night, the pairings, and a special surprise guest!


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Champagne Masterclass at Stannary St

Published: 06-05-2016

The first wine masterclass, held at our Stannary St Headquarters, was about one of Luke Robertson's most favourite subject: Champagne.

We have many more masterclasses planned throughout the next couple of months because we believe that the more you know about wine, the more fun you will have drinking it!  
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Moulin-à-Vent Dinner

Published: 01-04-2016

Edouard Parinet of Château du Moulin-à-Vent and Thibault Liger-Belair of Domaine Thibault Liger-Belair joined forces to present their wines and share their insights into the best Cru of Beaujolais. It was an intimate dinner for only 30 guests at the beautiful Home House private members club, where Edouard and Thibault delivered a masterclass on this fascinating yet scandalously underrated region.
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California Dreaming at Tate Britain

Published: 29-03-2016

To get everyone into ‘Califonia mode’ we started this mild, Tuesday evening at 6:30pm with a wine tasting! On show were three to four different wines from each of the attending wineries and guests had the opportunity to get information directly from the producers at each table.
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2001 Burgundy Dinner

Published: 29-03-2016

The start of March saw Stannary St Wine Co. hosting its third Burgundy dinner, with 2001 being the theme of the night.  Previously, we have hosted small, intimate dinners for private clients based on the 1999 and 2002 vintages.  Both vintages are powerhouses in style, so it was great to explore 2001, a vintage more classic in style and defined by the acidity and purity of fruit.

The wines shown on the evening were like an Oscars’ red carpet of the Burgundy wine world: Roumier, DRC, Rousseau, Fourrier, Ponsot, Sauzet, Leflaive.  All present and accounted for.  Would they live up to the expectations?
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Continuum Vintage Vertical Tasting 2013 - 2005

Published: 21-03-2016

With Tim & Carissa Mondavi at 67 Pallmall

This was the first time ever a complete vertical of Continuum’s Proprietary Red wine was shown anywhere
outside of the winery.                                                                      

The name Continuum derives from the fact that the Mondavi family haven’t
missed any grape harvest since 1919.


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2014 Burgundy En Primeur

Published: 19-01-2016

We at Stannary St Wine Co started 2016 with a bang! Our Annual Burgundy En Primeur tasting was held on the 12th January at One Whitehall Place, the perfect venue to show cast the 2014 vintage of some of the most amazing wineries in Burgundy.


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2014 Burgundy, by Sam Clarke

Published: 04-01-2016

February's Decanter has just been released and not surprisingly the 2014 Burgundy vintage has been widely praised. The overall level of the whites is very high but some very good red wine has also been produced. Romanee-Conti (97 points) and Rousseau's Chambertin (97 points) head the field but many from the Stannary stable are not far behind (see below). 



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Jason Haynes' 2014 Burgundy Report

Published: 25-11-2015

'2014 Burgundy – “Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring” – Indian Summer arrives just in time and delivers a corker of a vintage.'

After travelling Burgundy for more than 3 weeks and tasting many hundreds of wines of the 2014 vintage, our Burgundy buyer Jason Haynes put together a report which offers a connoisseur's insight into one of the best vintages of the past 20 years!

To read the full report, please click below. 


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Square Meal Event 18th November 2015

Published: 20-11-2015

We are still buzzing from last night's Square Meal extravaganza at the beautiful HAC.

There was lots of positive energy in the room and we felt lucky to present Stannary Street Wine Co. to the enthusiastic crowd at this amazing event together with some top international wineries and some of London’s best restaurants.



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Burgundy trip, by Sam Clarke

Published: 13-11-2015

The Stannary Burgundy trip kicked off in earnest at 8.30am this Monday with a trio of great Côte de Beaune Domaine; Pernot-Belicard, Paul Pillot and Bernard Moreau. Expectations were high as earlier parties had hyped up the quality of the 2014 whites. They did not disappoint and it really is an exceptional vintage for white wine. All three reported that they were presented with a quality of grape that they haven't seen since 2007.


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Sommelier trip to Burgundy, by Jason Haynes

Published: 28-10-2015

Our annual sommelier trip to Burgundy took place recently and we put some of the country's top sommeliers and buyers through a rigorous schedule of 20 tastings in 3 days. Much of the focus was on the 2014 vintage, which looks very promising, especially in white, but we also looked at some more mature wines, too. 


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Taupenot-Merme dinner, by Sam Clarke

Published: 28-10-2015

The variety of Romain Taupenot-Merme's holdings made this the ideal Domaine to explore an array of Burgundy terroirs. The sumptuous Grill at the Dorchester was the scene for the buoyant Romain to kick off the evening with a glass of the 2011 Auxey-Duresses. This is a wine that consistently over delivers with delicious, round, mineral flavours, leading to a racy, balanced and lingering finish. Evidence of some of the great value still very much available in Burgundy. 

The second flight of wines, served with a delicious foie gras paté en croute, split the diners 50/50. The 2011s were perfect examples of nuances of terroir. Same vintage, same winemaker, same vinification, same new oak, completely different wines.  The Chambolle was all supple elegance, the Gevrey more gravelly masculinity.


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Château du Moulin-à-Vent | From vines to vats

Published: 05-10-2015


Please find here under our lastest video of the 2015 harvest at Château Moulin à Vent:             



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AR Lenoble dinner in London, by Sam Clarke

Published: 02-10-2015

Last month, Anne Malassagne and Christian Holthausen of A.R.Lenoble joined us for a wonderful dinner at the Alyn Williams restaurant at the Westbury Hotel. As well as being a very pleasurable evening, much was learnt...

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Picking begins in Burgundy, by Jason Haynes

Published: 09-09-2015

So the 2015 harvest is now in full swing for most domaines in the Côte de Nuits and taking place in the most glorious weather.
Today is bright, sunny and fresh; perfect conditions for both the harvesters and the grapes.

Thanks to the warm, sunny weather ripeness has arrived in good time in the vineyards, even though some of the extreme heat and lack of rain earlier in the summer caused some vines to go on strike until normal conditions were resumed. 

Across the Côte, domaines are breaking all known records for the speed of their harvests. Blessed with plenty of harvesters, thanks in part to the fine weather, working in perfect conditions, teams are plundering the vineyards at great vitesse. Cutting is easy and quick thanks to the health of the fruit and most domaines are taking 25% less time to harvest than normal. 


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Report from our 1999 Dinner, by Sam Clarke

Published: 04-09-2015

There are not many times in life when you can feel sorry for a Hudelot-Noëllat Romanée-St-Vivant, an Engel Clos Vougeot or a Dujac Echezeaux, but last night was a rare occasion for a number of reasons. Like Wayne Daniels trying to break into the West Indian cricket team of the 1970s or Antonio Salieri writing operas in the 18th century, it was simply a case of bad timing, such was the strength of the line up.

The expectations were for wines in their infancy which would show delicious, primary flavours at best, and in some cases this proved to be correct. The Clos des Lambrays started dumb and reticent but continued to open and improve in the glass. The Romanee-St-Vivant was clearly a great wine but the impression was still of a wine with a long future ahead of it. Bachelet’s Charmes was the wine of the first flight that gave the most immediate pleasure, starting with an intensive, heady fragrance but still the debate was on about just how good the vintage is.


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Thoughts from a week in Burgundy, by Sam Clarke

Published: 27-08-2015

Worrying about the harvest

The default position for a winemaker is to worry. Constantly aware that their lives are at the mercy of the weather, nothing is taken for granted, and many hours are spent monitoring weather forecasts with fingers crossed. There has been too much warmth and not enough rain, causing loss of sleep. The dry period of July continued into August and some vines are showing visible signs of water stress.

Temperatures hit 90 degrees and both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are further forward than would have been expected a month ago (see right). The predicted harvest date has moved two weeks earlier with 4 to 6th September being most people's prediction. 

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