In the past I would have argued that too much time was spent talking about glasses. And then I had my first Zalto moment. Such delicacy, such finesse; in both the sharpest of rims and the super fine stems. Gentle pressure creates a flex in the stem and the feeling that it could snap in your fingers. How misleading this is as I continue to put these in my dishwasher and my only casualty has been a drop onto a stone floor. This is achieved by blowing them in one piece from the bowl, down to the stem, which leaves the weak spot the attachment between the stem and foot. Our personal favourites are the Universal, the red Burgundy and the Champagne glasses but the whole range is available from the Stannary St Wine Co. for immediate delivery.

Why Zalto glassware is a cut above
From The 
Telegraph Luxury , 20th May 2015 By Victoria Moore

Ultra thin and elegant, but also unexpectedly tough, Zalto glassware delivers a superlative drinking experience says Victoria Moore.
“Zalto,” I muttered apologetically, raising a tatty carrier bag that would have become a temporary door wedge if I’d forced my way on to the tube. “Zalto!” I repeated again, waving the bag when she failed to look impressed.
After years of drinking from them in restaurants and at friends’ houses, I finally cleared space in my glass cupboards (yes, by throwing away glasses – the ones that break are never the ones you want to break) and had just picked up six beautiful Zalto Universals. I was not about to risk a set of tube doors closing on £180 worth of almost impossibly light, lead-free crystal handcrafted in Austria.
I like the way wine tastes out of Zalto but it’s really the way these glasses feel in your hand that makes them so seductive. The glass is hand-blown, extremely fine, and so light that when you pick up other glasses after holding one, they feel uncomfortably clumsy. (...)


Coravin changes the way that fine wine can be enjoyed. A medical grade needle allows access to the wine without damage to the cork or wine. The displaced wine is replaced with argon gas and the next glass can be drunk weeks, months or years later. We use this ourselves, personally and professionally and believe this to be a revolutionary and very exciting product. Available for immediate delivery at no charge in the UK. Please call to enquire.

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