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Stannary St Wine Co.

Stannary St Wine Co. was born from trade wine merchant Flint Wines, when directors and founders Jason Haynes and Sam Clarke elected to create a dedicated team for the steadily growing private client branch. Since Stannary St Wine Co. was founded, we have expanded our specialities to cover Burgundy, Italy, and the USA, with our experienced team of buyers bringing new wineries into our portfolio every year.

When we begin working with someone we very much see it as a long term, mutual relationship. Our winemakers trust us to represent their wines in the UK, and we have absolute confidence that they will continue to produce excellent wines year after year. We prefer to work with people in whom we believe completely and who will fashion consistently high class, progressive and authentic wines.

In many respects, we see buying as more important than selling. If we buy well then sales will follow and with such a philosophy we have to buy what we are passionate about. All we then need to do is convey that passion to you. Between us all at Stannary St Wine Co. we have a lot of experience and we use our expertise and knowledge to buy wines we truly believe are fantastic. It is as simple as that.


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Head of Private Client Sales Sara Guiducci Head of Private Client Sales Tom Bird Director and USA Wine Buyer Sam Clarke 
Sara Guiducci, Co-Head of Private Client Sales
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Tom Bird, Co-Head of Private Client Sales
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 Sam Clarke, Director and USA Wine Buyer
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Kim Suddens Private Reserves and Broking Wines Administrator Thierry Almyrac Customer Services & Sales Support Coordinator Tamer Habashy
Kim Suddens, Fine Wine Account Manager
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 Thierry Almayrac, Private Reserves & Broking Wines Administrator
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 Tamer Habashy, Customer Services Coordinator
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 Director and Burgundy Buyer Jason Haynes Italy Buyer Philippa Saunders
Jason Haynes, Director and Burgundy Buyer
Philippa Saunders, Italy Buyer

Your points of contact: 

Call us on 0207 582 6865 from 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday or email us as follows:

Orders: orders@stannarywine.com

Customer services: tamer@stannarywine.com

Press and Awards

""...a jewel of a wine merchant specialising in Burgundy, USA and Italy." Joanna Simon, The Wine Gang

"They have more flair than my home team!" Michel Bettane, The World of Fine Wine

“Stannary Street is particularly strong on Burgundy, but there are also some terrific wines from the USA and elsewhere in their range.” Natasha Hughes MW

“…one of the most exciting burgundy dealers around.” Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph

“The selection was impressive, and quality very consistent and very high.” Simon Woolf, Harpers