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German wine has never really left, but it is somehow poised for a comeback all the same. With the help of the Wines of Germany, the UK marketing arm of Deutsches Weininstitut, German Riesling is gaining more visibility - and July is certainly the ideal month for their 31 Days of German Riesling celebration. 

This is a grape that has occasionally been misaligned, but Riesling's zippy acidity lends itself so well to a summer day and light, fresh summer meals, while still having the weight to hold up to cellaring. A fine bottle of aged Riesling has enormous potential, and with a generation of winemakers in Germany focusing on artisanal, terroir-driven expressions of the grape, it's no surprise that German Rieslings are gaining traction again.

We're delighted to have the chance to highlight our two Mosel producers, located not far apart from each other along the Mosel river, both crafting excellent Rieslings with character and depth. 

Peter & Ulrich Griebeler took over Weingut Heinrichshof in 2014, although the domaine has been in their family for 10 generations, and have rapidly taken the winery to new heights. Though the estate has acquired more vineyards over the past twelve months, its total holding is still less than 6 hectares, a significant proportion of which are on the brilliant, steep slopes of Sonnenuhr and Schlossberg. Winemaker Peter makes Rieslings with plenty of zing, but a beautifully balanced mid-palate that carries the wines through.

Weingut Joh Jos Prüm almost needs no introduction; one of the great German estates, dating back to 1911 and currently run by great-granddaughter Katharina Prüm. They have four main vineyards (as well as some less well known sites), although it is the Sonnenuhr in Wehlen for which they are best known. Their other top plots are in Zelting’s bit of the Sonnenuhr, Badstube in Bernkastel and Himmelreich in Graach. There are a lot of old vines at Prüm, and harvests tend to be quite late, with the wines tending away from the trocken style and towards a richer, weighty, cellar-worthy style. This month, we're excited to offer a pair of vineyards with both an older and a more recent vintage so you can see how the wines have evolved.

Heinrichshof Riesling Sonnenuhr Trocken


2016 Sonnenuhr Riesling Trocken
Weingut Heinrichshof

The Sonnenuhr vineyards are named for the sundial (sonnenuhr) in the vineyard, and generall receive excellent sunlight, so this Riesling's bright and zesty acidity is well-balanced with lovely ripeness. Bright citrus is tempered with the stony minerality of the Mosel, leading to a long, lemon finish.

£66 per 6 in bond
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 Heinrichshof Riesling Schlossberg Trocken  

2016 Schlossberg Riesling Trocken
Weingut Heinrichshof

Neighbouring vineyard Schlossberg provides this precise, mineral driven Riesling with zesty citrus fruit and delicate yellow stone fruit flavours such as quince and apricot. A very pure and balanced wine with a medim plus length.

£66 per 6 in bond
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Heinrichshof Riesling Sonnenuhr Auslese


2017 Sonnenuhr Auslese
Weingut Heinrichshof

This is from a parcel of the vineyard called `Welbersberg`, a steep south west facing slope where vines are still ungrafted. As 30% grapes with noble rot were included the wine is rich but still racy and clean on the palate with apricot and yellow fruit aromas. Saline minerality on the mid palate with a distinctive medium dry finish which is well balanced with the crisp acidity of the wine. Citrus, lime and gooseberry flavours keep lingering on.

£100 per 6 in bond
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Riesling Auslese 110 Heinrichshof    

2017 Riesling Auslese 110
Weingut Heinrichshof

The 2017 Auslese 110 is a gorgeous botrytis wine - deep and rich, but still light and floral enough to be pretty. This wine is produced as a beerenauslese, with grapes picked individually to select only the highest quality and retaining enough acidity to keep it fresh. Wonderful with a selection of aromatic cheeses.

£150 per 12 halves in bond
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Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese JJ Prum  

2003 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese
£395 per 12 in bond
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2015 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese
£189 per 6 in bond
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Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm

We have a pair of Auslese wines from the Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard from superstar producer Jos. Jos Prüm, dating all the way back to the 2003 vintage; a lovely glimpse into the future of the 2015. 2003 was a warm, rich vintage in the Mosel, as it was in much of Europe. This is intense and peachy yet with an a strong sense of mineral vibrancy still shining through. The 2015s from the Mosel were hotly anticipated, and Katharina's wines have made an incredible showing; the Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese is herbal and saline, with rich fruit holding it all together, earning 94 points from Stephan Reinhardt writing for Wine Advocate.

Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese Riesling JJ Prum    

2009 Graacher Himmelreich Auslese
£325 per 12 in bond
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2012 Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese
£275 per 12 in bond
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Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm

Wines from the village of Graach age very gracefully, and this 2009 Auslese will be coming along quite well indeed, with subtle floral notes accompanying stone fruits and a slight minerality. The 2012 Spatlese leans more flinty and mineral, with a saline spiciness on the finish, rounded out by fresh lime and peach notes. Both of these wines could go decades more in the bottle, although they will certainly provide a delightful drink now.



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